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BREAKING: After Meeting You Won’t Believe What The Mexican President Said About Donald Trump… This Will Win Him The Election!


Trump is changing the world, even just as US president nominee, imagine what will happen if he become president?!

Iran wants war with US after harsh Trump comments, China is sending treats against US not to change trade policy after Trump harsh remarks against them, now Mexico is saying that they will cooperate with Trump, which means, they will pay for the wall after all!

Tramp is gathering respect all over the world even not yet US president, he is so powerful and strong leader!

According to Liberty Writers:

“Mexico is a disaster of a country due to 1 simple thing: WEAK LEADERSHIP!

Now it looks like they may FINALLY be coming to their senses. The Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, who just weeks ago compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, made a surprising 180 that has the Donald celebrating.

‘I can’t agree with some of the things he has said, but I will be absolutely respectful and will seek to work with whomever,’ the president said, clearly directed towards Trump.

In reality, Pena Nieto’s change was due to a swing in polls and the reality that Donald Trump is going to be America’s 45th President.

He knows that the wall IS going to happen and it is smart to get on Trump’s good side early to try and get a cost-sharing deal worked out.

When questioned if he would interfere any more in our elections, he simply said, “This is an issue that’s the decision of the American people — exclusively of the people of the United States.”

(H/T – Daily Mail)

I will take that as a major win for Trump. We would be happy to work with Mexico. After all, they are our neighbors and will have a


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