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Number of Muslim Refugees Sent to Michigan Increased 43 Percent Year-to-Date

Bureaucrats in the State Department and the Office of Refugee Resettlement have decided that Michigan should have more refugees of all sorts, and Syrian refugees in particular.

In FY 2015, 3,013 refugees arrived in Michigan, of which 180 were from Syria, according to the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

Five hundred more — 3,548 — have arrived during the first eleven months of FY 2016 (ending August 31, 2016), according to the Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration. That represents a 43 percent increase over the 2,477 refugees who arrived in Michigan during the first eleven months of FY 2015; 536 arrived in the last month of that fiscal year.

If September sees the same monthly rate, the final number of refugees resettled in Michigan will easily exceed 4,000, and, if the Detroit News is correct, it could be as much as 5,000, though that would require a final month of more than 1,000 resettled refugees.

“There always seems to be a rush towards end of the fiscal year by the resettlement agencies to get more refugees in,” one refugee resettlement expert tells Breitbart News.

Most Americans don’t want more Syrian refugees.

But, the federal bureaucrats who run the program do not seem to care what Michiganders want, even though the Refugee Act of 1980 requires the federal government to “consult with” each state about the number of refugees resettled within its boundaries.

“What citizens in Michigan want ‘doesn’t matter’ to bureaucrats in Washington and their contractors on the ground in the state, is a perfect description of how the refugee resettlement program operates,” an attorney familiar with the federal refugee resettlement program tells Breitbart News.

“In fact, these same bureaucrats don’t even include the state’s citizen taxpayers stakeholders in the program. And more importantly, the bureaucratic approach to shoe-horning into any community of their choosing belies the legislative framework and intent of the Refugee Act of 1980,” the attorney adds.

But the law is not being followed. That is at the crux of the potential legal challenge to the accelerated resettlement of refugees in Michigan.

It’s a challenge that many grassroots activists in Michigan think can’t happen soon enough, in light of Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s promise to increase the number of Syrian refugees allowed into the country to 65,000 annually, up from 10,740 that have come in


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