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Breaking blitzkrieg: How crystal meth fueled Hitler’s conquest of Europe


Nazi Germany’s armed forces carried out their “Blitzkrieg” tactic in the invasions of France and Poland during World War II fulled by methamphetamine-based drugs, according to a German book soon to be published in English.

On October 6, German author Norman Ohler’s newly translated book Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany will hit the shelves.

The German-language bestseller that was originally released in September 2015 explores the permeation of a variation of crystal meth and other opioid drugs used in all ranks of society during the reign of the Third Reich, far before the popular Netflix series Breaking Bad delved into the world of the highly-addictive drug.

Ohler’s findings were reportedly concluded from archival research in Germany and the US.

From 1937 onward, the Nazis mass produced the high quality methamphetamine pill labeled Pervitin. Before Pervitin even, its predecessor Volksdroge (the people’s drug) was readily available in chemist shops in the country.

Ohler’s book charges that the synthesized stimulant was distributed among German forces and became omnipresent in German society among the likes not only of top Nazi commanders, but that of factory workers and housewives.

“In the beginning the army didn’t realize Pervitin was a drug: soldiers thought it was just like drinking coffee,” the British Independent quoted


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