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North Korea torturing Christians after China exposes them for defecting

CHRISTIANS who flee North Korea for China are being forcibly sent back home where they face “systematic” torture under Kim Jong-un’s regime.



The United States has condemned the brutal repatriation policy after revealing how defectors who enter China without permission are “are systematically subjected to torture and ill-treatment” when they return home.

, especially Christianity, and it is Christians who face the harshest punishment if they are discovered to have strayed across the border.

A report by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom found: “Accounts from North Korean defectors indicate individuals caught trying to defect or forcibly repatriated from China are severely punished, particularly those believed to have interacted with missionaries or engaged in religious activities.”

Both North Korea and with reports of crucifixes being banned, Christians murdered and churches shut down.

In a flagrant breach of the UN Convention, China continues to send North Koreans back claiming the defectors are not refugees.

The Chinese Communist Party maintains tight security along the border and armed guards have been known to shoot defectors as they make the crossing.

A United Nations report


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