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Is Putin planning for nuclear war? Russian leader has invested in top-secret reinforced bunkers across Moscow say experts

  • Claimed Russian hardman invested in the structures for potential war
  • Russian media say they are being built as part of national security strategy
  • Relationship between West and Russia soured after annexation of Crimea
  • Tensions have also been raised at NATO drills in the Baltic states

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has invested in top-secret reinforced bunkers across Moscow, according to reports.

It has been claimed the Russian hardman has invested heavily in the structures around the capital city in the event of war with the West.

In reports that first emerged last month Russia began building ‘dozens’ of underground bunkers across the country several years ago, according to US officials.


‘Russia is getting ready for a big war which they assume will go nuclear, with them launching the first attacks,’ Mark Schneider, a former Pentagon nuclear policy official told the Washington Free Beacon. ‘We are not serious about preparing for a big war, much less a nuclear war.’

Few details about the new nuclear bunkers have been released, but Russian state-run media says they are being built in Moscow as part of a new national security strategy.

Russia has also constructed a large-scale bunker near Mount Yamantau in the Urals.

The relationship between the West and Russia has soured in recent years since the annexation of Crimea and the ongoing conflict in Syria.

Tensions have also been


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