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Islamic State bride, former topless model, defends her newfound ‘peace’ and the veil

The former model groomed to be an Islamic State bride said:

” You don’t get s*** for wearing nowt [nothing] but the second you start wearing the veil you get accused of extremism.”

When was the last time we heard of a bikini-clad or topless model “wearing nowt” advocating the murder of infidels, apostates, chopping off heads, throwing gays from the roof of high buildings andblowing up a baby during an explosive training exercise?

Along with her Islamic State indoctrination toward infidels, Kimberley Miners also hails her newfound “peace” and defends the wearing of the veil.

The process of recruitment of “devout” Islamic State brides-to-be begins like a romance novel, as these women are wooed by Islamic State jihadists and mesmerized by lies about a utopian life of love and faith.

Melanie Smith of the Institute of Strategic Dialogue in London states: “It’s a very rapid radicalization process,” as she notes the course of how women are lured by the Islamic State and become “more politically engaged…and finally making the decision to leave” their home countries.

Then woe be unto them. They soon find out the real status of women under the brutal Sharia practiced by the Islamic State, and discover that their decision to become an IS bride is a one-way journey. Samra Kesinovic, dubbed the “Islamist poster girl,” found out too late. She fled Austria to join the Islamic State and was beaten to death for attempting to escape from Syria.


“From topless model to ISIS bride”, Jerusalem Post, September 4, 2016:

An ex-page three topless model has been groomed online to become a bride for an Islamic State jihadist, according to British media.

The former Page 3 model, Kimberley Miners, who posed for the UK’s Sun topless, has used Facebook to contact a British fighter in Syria under the pseudonym Aisha Lauren al-Britaniya.

Miners spoke to the Sunday Times and said her interest in Islam came last year and she found “peace” through Islam.

The newspaper alleges that


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