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TEXAS Cops Take MASSIVE Stand Against Obama and Muslims…


Liberals, Muslims and atheists are going to throw a fit when they see what the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office is putting on all of their vehicles but as far as I’m concerned, they can get the hell out of America. God and Christianity has been under extreme attack ever since Obama, our Muslim-in Chief entered the picture. But the bottom line is that the official motto for America is “IN GOD WE TRUST!” That’s right! Like I said, if this offends you then pack sand and GTHO!

Sheriff Al Auxier made the call. He says his faith is a big part of his life and he made that clear to voters when he ran for office three years ago, KENS reports.

“It is the motto of our country and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t proudly display that on our patrol units,” Sheriff Auxier said.

The decals on the vehicles started going up this week. The sheriff predicts that all 28 department vehicles will have them by the end of next week.

“My thought process is I have a completely different idea about the separation of church and state,” Auxier stated.

He says that he’s not worried about a legal challenge since tax money isn’t being spent on the decals; roughly about $400 for all 28 department units.

“We aren’t spending tax dollars,” Auxier


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