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Hillary Touches Down In Cleveland, Instantly Notices Something She NEVER Wanted to See…


Hillary Clinton has been flying all over the country trying to lock up as many votes as she can.

This election is going to come down to four or five states so both the candidates have spent the majority of their time in just a handful of places.

One of those states is Ohio.

In fact, the entire election could depend on what happens in the Buckeye State.

Hillary touched down in Cleveland recently and was probably a little unnerved by what she saw.

Trump’s plane sitting there on the tarmac.

From Conservative Tribune:

As the presidential race comes closer and closer to the end, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are spending their Labor Day courting voters around the country. But, as Clinton touched down in Cleveland, Ohio, she saw something she never expected.

One Twitter user pointed out as Clinton’s plane landed in Cleveland, she could see Donald Trump’s plane already landed across the tarmac at the Cleveland


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