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REPORT – Clinton Body Count Rises, JFK Jr. Death Linked to Clintons…


With some recent deaths being linked to the Clintons, it is no wonder people are looking into other notable deaths to see if they can somehow link them to the Clintons as well. Now, the death of JFK Jr. is popping up on radars.

The reason his death is coming into conversations is because of the timing.

In 1999, Hillary was readying her run at a political future by going after the seat of a retiring senator in New York. However, there was significant support by the people for JFK to go after the seat, directly threatening Hillary’s political future.

Some insiders say when Jr found out about Hillary’s interest in the seat, he backed down, but not all of them are agreeing. In fact, numerous sources cite that going after the seat was definitely on his radar.

Adding fuel to the fire is the circumstances of the death itself.

In addition to both of them vying for the same seat, the tie-in gets even more interesting in that many feel not enough resources were utilized immediately after the crash.

Kennedy, who had not yet been cleared for flying without instruments, did so anyway due to the conditions that day, via New York Times.

Jr’s last contact with a flight tower was around 9:30 pm, but the search for him did not start until the next morning.

Even though Senator Ted Kennedy was burning up the phone lines, the FAA did nothing.

Finally, at around 7:00 am the next morning, the Air Force and Coast Guard got involved, with the Coast Guard randomly


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