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The 5 Major Threats Facing Israel in The Near Future


Israel is a small country surrounded by many enemies, but what does this mean in concrete terms? These are the security threats facing Israel and its citizens.

The Egyptian Border: Quiet on the Southern Front

The Egyptian Sinai has witnessed a revival of terrorist activities since the beginning of 2010. The Ansar Bait al-Maqdis extremist militant group – which recently pledged allegiance to the Islamic State – has been active in the area, leading many attacks against Egyptian Security Force outposts spread out across the Sinai Peninsula, killing many in the process. The threat of terrorist infiltrations by Islamic State and other related organizations is a threat that will need to be addressed moving forward.

This resurgence of terrorist activity has forced the IDF to build a new security fence on the 200 km border between Israel and Egypt. The fence was completed in 2013, and is monitored 24 hours a day by the IDF’s highly trained personnel.

In July 2015, two rockets launched from Sinai hit Israel. This was the first attack of its nature since Sinai militants pledged allegiance to Islamic State. Although it seems that the Ansar Bait al-Maqdis organization has chosen to primarily focus its efforts on Egyptian Security Forces, it may prove inevitable that they will intensify efforts to attack Israel and the IDF troops standing guard on the border.


Both Hamas, the terror organization in control of the Gaza Strip, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a terrorist organization in Gaza, have made significant efforts in the past year to rebuild their military capabilities destroyed by the IDF during Operation Protective Edge. Despite the lack of resources in the Gaza Strip, Hamas invests its funds, manpower and


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