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The World Turns on Obama

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) meets with his US counterpart Barack Obama on the sidelines of the G20 Leaders Summit in Hangzhou on September 5, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / SPUTNIK / ALEXEI DRUZHININ

Obama closes out his presidency with his last G20 summit in Hangzhou, China and his valedictory Asia tour amid insults, slights, and contempt. Obama is reaping what he has sown.  The respect he so enjoyed at the beginning of his presidency was a reflection of our standing in the world, not his charisma. He did his best to destroy it and now he is feeling the effects of his myriad failures.

Back in 2010, my first book, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America, predicted this, warned that Obama’s abdicating American sovereignty, dismantling American hegemony and aiding and abetting American’s most viviouc enemies (ie Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda in Syria, Libya jihadis et al)

CNN opines that these “controversies reflect the way international politics is now a stew of many competing, rising or resurgent powers that see fewer reasons to simply fall into line behind the United States than was the case following World War II and the Cold War.”

Wrong. Obama is responsible for the utter chaos in the world. ISIS didn’t exist when Obama came to office. Obama mocked Bush’s relationship with Russia — remember that reset button? Obama reset it alright. Bush looks positively Churchillian.

This is Obama’s legacy. The enemedia can repackage it, sprinkle it with gold dust and package it in a Tiffany box – but it’s still a steaming pile of dung.

“Obama suffers the slings and arrows of a restive world,” Stephen Collinson, CNN, September 6, 2016:

(CNN)President Barack Obama bade farewell to G20 leaders in Hangzhou, China, on Monday by reminding them they’re living in “turbulent” times — and he wasn’t kidding.

His valedictory Asia tour, which moved on to Laos later in the day, is unfolding amid diplomatic slights and great power rivalries that reflect the unstable nature of the world Obama will bequeath to his successor in January.

The controversies reflect the



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