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Unbelievable: Muslims Demand This Be Taken Down From 9/11 Memorial


Muslims are crying “Islamaphobia” as they try to scrub the truth from history books and from our national monuments. In accordance with Islamic law, “do not offend or criticize Islam,” Muslims are trying to get the words “Islamic Terrorists” removed from the 9/11 memorial. Apparently the truth is “offensive.” We live in a time where political correctness is already straining daily life, but to attempt to re-write history is taking things way too far.

The Muslims are saying that they fear reprisals and anti-Muslim violence for the words etched into the monument, and they want the words changed to something less “offensive.” Let’s put this all into perspective, THEY attacked US, but they don’t want to face reality. Our nation is still in mourning over this senseless act of terrorism, even 15 years later. Islamic terrorists have carried out almost 30,000 deadly acts of terrorism since 9/11, but they want to complain about a couple of “offensive” descriptive words marking remembrance of the tragedy that


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