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Muslim Violence on a Sunday Afternoon in the South of France, Women, Children Attacked for Wearing Shorts


Sharia in France. Our correspondent in France, Jean Patrick Grumberg at Dreuz, reports on the deteriorating social fabric of daily life in France in the wake of the Muslim invasion of Europe.

Surge of Muslim violence on Sunday, early afternoon in Toulon, South of France.

Near the city Les Œillets, eastern side of Toulon, two couples, a friend and three children cycling on bikes path were violently attacked by a dozen of muslims who intend to impose sharia law in France, and shorts worn by the two women were deemed “indecent”.

The women were insulted, the muslim call them whores and sluts in front of their children, and accused of being as if they were exposed naked.

This form of terror aimed at forcing the French to wear modest outfits conform to Islam, and believe me, it will work.

The three men in the group responded and asked the Muslim men to respect their wives.

In response, Muslim gangs from the hood beat them with unprecedented violence that neither Human Right NGO’s like SOS Racism and LDH (Human Rights league) wants to see, preferring to denounce Islamophobia that does not exist: nowadays, unlike Jews and Christian, French Muslims is the only group who safely can go to pray in their places of worship without any risk of



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