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Jobless couple with eight children say they are being ‘neglected’ in FREE 3 bedroom home, they demand a 10 bedrooom mansion

  • Unemployed couple with eight children refused five-bed council house
  • Arnold Mballe Sube and his wife Jeanne now claim they are ‘neglected’
  • Claim they need property with at least six double rooms to be comfortable
  • They currently live in a three-bedroom, end-of-terrace home in Luton
  • Family received annual hand-outs worth £44k since they arrived in the UK
  • Put up in hotel for £38k with £21k room service which they refused to pay

A family of ten who demanded a six-bedroom home and turned down three properties have now been warned they face becoming ‘intentionally homeless’.

Arnold Mballe Sube, his wife Jeanne, both 33, and their children live in a three-bedroom, end-of-terrace home in Luton, Bedfordshire – which they describe as ‘the worst place they’ve ever lived’.

The couple turned down three properties including a four and five-bed home thought to be worth between £250,000-£270,000 – and are demanding a property with at least six double bedrooms.

The family received more than £100,000 last year in benefits and while they waited to move into their current home, Luton Borough Council housed them for almost four months at the town’s £160-per-night Hampton by Hilton hotel, costing £38,400.


However Luton Borough Council today issued an ultimatum to the couple – either they accept a formal offer of another available four or five bedroom property or make themselves ‘intentionally homeless’.

They will then be required to find their own home through the private rental market.

Labour councillor Tom Shaw, who is in charge of housing at Luton borough council, revealed the family only



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