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‘This country’s TOO POOR’ Shocking scale of migrants snubbing Serbia despite warm welcome

EXCLUSIVE: THOUSANDS of migrants are refusing to remain in countries offering them the chance of a new life – because they are “too poor”.


Shocking figures show safe nations in and around the EU are being battered at the borders, but are ignored as migrants can cross to more desirable nations including Germany, France and the UK.

Syrian refugees have revealed they view many of the nations they must walk through to reach Europe “too poor” to stay in, despite just leaving their war-ravaged homeland.

Hundreds of thousands have travelled from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan to Turkey, through Greece, Macedonia and Serbia to reach the EU at the Hungary border.

But the majority have no intention of ever staying in any country they pass through.

In Serbia, migrants can “express the intention to seek asylum” upon entering the country.

This gives them 72 hours to report to one of five migration centres whereupon they can begin their application.

However, of the tens of thousands who have entered asylum centres, less than 600 have sought asylum in the nation.

The Serbian government has repeatedly assured asylum seekers they will be looked after in the country, while telling the EU the nation will take its fair share of those fleeing conflict.

According to the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights of 577,995 intentions to seek asylum expressed in 2015, only 583 resulted in submitted applications

As a result of the abuse of the system Serbian Government introduced a special legal status for persons transiting through the country who did not wish to remain.

These people were issued with “certificates for migrants coming from countries where their lives are in danger”.

Thousands have continued


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