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Weekend in Sweden means war as Muslims go bezerk and light everything in sight on fire


Weekends in Sweden are not as peaceful as they used to be. Being relatively calm during the week, immigrant youths turn Swedish suburbs into war zones as soon as the weekend arrives.

In Malmö, cars were burning at three different addresses in a matter of hours Friday night.

During one of the fires, there was a risk of stopping the rail traffic nearby.

It started at 0:12 with a car on fire at von Rosen väg in Rosengård.

A short while later, at 0:45, a car was totally destroyed in Dalhemsgatan i Kirseberg.

At 02:51 a van parked under the railway viaduct at Persborgsgatan was on fire. The flames broke up the tracks, but after more than 20 minutes the fire brigade managed to put out the fire.

– We were considering stopping the train traffic but fortunately there was no need for it, says Kim Hild of the police.

In Malmö also a total of eight fishing huts were burned to the ground early Saturday morning. Peder Edman, port captain in Limhamns marina, believes that a crime is behind the fires.

Also in Ørebro, Eskildstuna, Helsingborg and in Stockholm suburbs the Swedes’ cars were set on fire during the night, and the weekend unrest in Sweden continues.

Attacks on emergency personnel

A large gang of youths in Vänersborg burned tires and threw stones at a taxi cab during the night.

The last time the emergency personnel were alerted to the area they were attacked and withdrew to wait for the police – for security reasons.

– We went out, but a lot of people came against the firemen in place. Then we saw it best to wait for the police, says fireman Jonas Gustafsson.

There are no suspects and no one has been arrested after the fires.

After the unrest in Södertälje last weekend, bus drivers now refuse to drive into two suburbs where the one way war is raging hard and buses have been attacked.

“This is for employees and travelers’ sake,” writes


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