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The price of converting to Christianity from Islam

Christian Today ran a telling piece, featured below, that originally was published by Open Doors, Australia, a Christian advocacy and persecution watchdog. The report reveals what most people already know, but many choose to turn a blind eye to, about what Muslims “all over the Middle East and North Africa” typically lose if they convert to Christianity. The population of these regions is about 355 million, of which approximately 317 million are Muslims.

For starters, one message to glean from this article is that it is not discussing a brand of Islam such as that practiced by the Islamic State or al Qaeda, groups that the West typically view as anomalies of Islam. The article depicts the reality for Muslims, living under historic Islamic jurisprudence (Sharia law), that is, normative Islam.

Another point to consider in reading the report: in all other non-Muslim mainstream religions, when a believer converts to Christianity (or some other religion), there may be ostracism that takes place due to the fact that adherents of the abandoned religion are personally offended. This can be exacerbated by practicalities related to the new convert’s place of worship and proximity to fellow believers, but certainly not religiously sanctioned death sentences or threats to the personal safety of the person that converted.

As the article notes:

Any apostate from Islam is, in theory, punishable by death if they do not recant. This is based upon the prophet Muhammad’s saying, as quoted in the Hadith (Islamic tradition), “Whoever changes his religion, kill him.”

Yet still there are those in the West who remain in steadfast denial of the truth. They cannot bear even to entertain the shattering prospect of Islamic literalists streaming into the West through massive, unchecked Muslim immigration; prominent imams boldly preaching about the ummah in mosques and advancing Sharia, while — when the media is present — outwardly condemning the not-so-pretty actions of the Islamic State in order to cover up their real intentions; calls by al Qaedaand the Islamic State to attack Westerners on their home soil; and a Muslim Brotherhood drive forconquest.

Deniers of truth (usually leftists) and outright liars (usually Islamic supremacists) are quick to level accusations of racism, Islamophobia and the like against others (including against sincerely peace-loving Muslims) who speak about the full range of global threats to infidels and apostates. Yet it is becoming increasingly obvious that leftists and Islamic supremacists have no comeback when asked in public forums what real evidence they have to present


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