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U.S. Theme Park Implements SHARIA LAW, Here’s What They’re FORCING People To Do


If you had plans to visit Six Flags Over Georgia, you might want to reconsider your trip or be sure to bring your burka. The major U.S. theme park has just bowed down to Islam in an extremely anti-American way that has patriots fuming.

The Georgia location of this thrilling family friendly venue has announced their 2015 calendar of events, including special days dedicated to causes that are easy to support, such as Education Day, Math and Science Day, and even a night set aside for new grads. But on October 11, park-goers will be forced to adhere to strict Muslim principles, and you can kiss that delicious non-Halal funnel cake goodbye.

This mid-October all-day event called Muslim Friends and Family Day turns the park into an Islamic mecca, where Muslims will have all their religious needs met and force others to comply as well. Once you step foot through the gates, you’ll forget you’re in America, as Six Flags allows the Islamic Circle Of North America (ICNA) to take over.

According to Six Flags’ website, nobody is excluded from visiting their theme park that day, in fact they encourage everyone to come in support of Muslims and to also gain a better understanding of the culture and religion. Fully pandering to Islam, the park will offer “Halal foods, open-air bazaars featuring Muslim merchants, congressional prayers, informative lectures, and a constant stream of Islamic nasheed (Muslim-approved music).”


Park-goers will be fully entrenched in Islam with every facet of their senses under the guise to understand the faith, when in actuality it’s to normalize it in our culture and force us to accept it. By placing the religion of hate in an exciting and fun environment where it does not


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