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Does Hillary have a BODY DOUBLE? Bizarre conspiracy theory claims the pneumonia-stricken candidate has been replaced by a lookalike

  • Hillary Clinton had a ‘medical episode’ at 9/11 memorial ceremony
  • Conspiracy theorists think she was replaced with a body double
  • They claim photos show physical differences in Clinton after the incident
  • Clinton apparently emerged from daughter’s house ‘with bigger earlobes’  

Others analysed Clinton’s ears and claimed the woman who emerged from Chelsea’s apartment had chunkier lobes.

Some compared pictures of the presidential hopeful that appear to show she had lost weight compared to earlier in the campaign. It is likely that someone suffering from pneumonia would appear frailer than usual.

Twitter user Robertbirsinger questioned why Clinton would hug a child in the street when she’s got such an illness and others claimed it was suspicious that she wasn’t surrounded by security when she emerged from Chelsea’s apartment.

The hashtag #isHillaryalive



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