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ISIS Celebrates EID Day of Slaughter with Day of Slaughter **GRAPHIC**


Righteous. Obama says, “Respect it!”

The NY Times made sure to instruct us today of the important details of “Eid al-Adha, the feast of sacrifice.” Note the following quote from Shamsi Ali, the imam of the Jamaica Muslim Center in Queens:

“There are no formal celebrations,” he explained. “There is ritual prayer, and then Muslims are visiting one another, slaughtering animals and distributing food to the poor.”

Again: “Muslims are visiting one another, slaughtering animals.” That’s what ISIS was doing: slaughtering descendants of apes and pigs, unbelievers.

BK writes me, “‘Slaughtering animals’, as if this were just another mainstream, wholesome American activity. Alexandra Levine, who compiled today’s update, didn’t indicate where and by whom this ‘slaughtering of animals’ occurs: inquiring or questioning this practice might indicate ‘disrespect’ of the culture. She was speaking to an Imam here in Queens, in NYC, in the US.
Is this ‘slaughtering’ occurring in backyards, garages, or basements, right here in this city? Are family members asked to ‘join in the fun’? Did Ms. Levine bother to ask this obvious question?
More creeping Sharia: ‘respect the culture’, regardless of how this is an affront to American values, such as the humane treatment of animals.”

Isis members slit the throats of prisoners. Video screengrab

ISIS ‘celebrate Eid’ by hanging ‘US spies’ from meat hooks and butcher them ‘like sheep’ in ‘worst ever video’ that also shows Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible (hat tip Blazing Cat Fur)



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