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What Happened When Marine Dad Confronts Child’s School About Mandatory Islam Homework

by American News


Ex-Marine Kevin Woods and his wife Melissa were excited that their 11th grade daughter was obligingly doing her homework. That is, until, they realized the subject matter. They were shocked to find out that their teenager had been asked to complete a three page assignment outlining the five pillars of Islam.

Woods and his wife were so upset, they headed down to La Plata High School to demand that their daughter be given an alternate assignment. The girl’s teacher refused, telling the parents that if their daughter did not complete the assignment, she would be given a zero.

Shortly thereafter, the teacher reported that Woods was causing a disruption and had threatened her. He was banned from the high school indefinitely.

“I told her straight up ‘you could take that Muslim-loving piece of paper and shove it up your white a**,” Woods told reporters. “If students can’t practice Christianity in school, they should not be allowed to practice Islam in school.”

“We’re not teaching religion,” a spokesperson for the school told Fox News. “We’re teaching world history.’

The issue is still not resolved



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