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Obama Campaigning for Hillary, But Just Quit After What Trump Just Said To Him… 7.3K SHARES FacebookTwitterMore

President Barack Obama definitely vouching for Hillary. He’s one of the weakest leaders this country has ever had. The President organized a campaign gathering in Philadelphia for Hillary Clinton, but he will surely be disturbed about what Donald Trump recently said about him.

VIA Liberty Writers News

Trump sent him a message today that he will never forget.


Ain’t that the truth. Trump then went further and listed all the failures of the Obama administration. The reason that Obama is campaigning in Pensylvania is because it is starting to lean toward Trump. Share this article everywhere!

Here is what Trump had to say about Obama going to Philly to campaign for Sick Hillary:

PROBLEM ONE: “Obamacare Is In “Deep Trouble,” With Premiums Rising And Large Insurers Pulling Out Of Exchanges. “Obamacare is in deep trouble. The exchanges created by Barack Obama’s signature achievement are attracting millions fewer customers than predicted. The makeup of the system’s risk pool is older, sicker and costlier than anticipated. Some of the largest insurers in the nation have pulled out of the exchanges. Premiums are going up and expected to jump right before November’s election. Perhaps more burdensome, deductibles have soared so high that some American


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