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IDF prepares for all-out war in next week’s drill

In preparation for the Home Front Command’s nationwide drill due to take place next week, new data about simulated scenarios have been published. These include an all-out attack on several fronts simultaneously, namely Gaza, Lebanon, the Syrian Golan Heights and Iran. The drill will prepare for a slew of missiles and rockets, 95% of which are assumed to be short-range (up to 45 km) and equipped with 10 kg of explosives. The scenario will also include a situation where Israel suffers up to 350 – 400 casualties.

1% of the rockets and missiles included in the situation are assumed to hit populated areas. Out of the 230,000 multi-range armaments, most are expected to be grad rockets or mortars, targeting a wide area from Haifa in the north to the Shfela region in the south. The Home Front Command will prepare for dozens of rocket landings throughout this area.


The IDF will rely on its technological advances, anticipating changing variables, up-to-date Intelligence, quick land maneuvers, predicting the general population’s reactions,  and an active defense system of the Air Force, which could enact the Iron Dome, the Patriot surface-to-air missile, the Arrow anti-ballistic missile and the David’s Sling anti-missile system.


The overall assumption is that, similar to what happened in Operation Protective Edge, the majority of the missiles and rockets targeting Israel in the next war will fall in open areas. As a result, the IDF is focusing its resources on countering a massive infiltration from Hzbollah’s Raduan units into Israeli territory. Such an infiltration would not necessarily be in order to conquer Israeli


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