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Jewish woman escapes ISIS

Her husband sold her to ISIS. Leaving behind her family, she escaped and made the arduous journey to Israel.

Chana Roberts

Baher Muhammed Gahar-Fur, 35, arrived in Israel a month ago, after a long and arduous journey from her home in Kurdistan.

Though her great-grandparents immigrated to Israel decades ago, Gahar-Fur didn’t always know she was Jewish. In fact, growing up in the city of Sulaymaniyah, in Iraqi Kurdistan, Gahar-Fur only learned her true identity about ten years ago. “I grew up in a standard Muslim home,” she said.

Gahar-Fur was married to a Muslim man at the age of 15, and her four children are currently aged 16, 15, 11 and 5.

At the beginning, things went well. But when her husband started showing extremist leanings, and pressured her to join his new path, things started to change. Her unwillingness to go along with his new path raised her husband’s ire.

Three months ago, the violence peaked. After a long night, filled with horrendous violence, her husband announced that he was selling her for $2,200. She would now belong to the ISIS fighters who were making


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