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VIDEO: Muslim Migrants Attack Police and Locals in Bautzen, Germany “MASS STREET BRAWL”


The meltdown of Europe continues.

According to reports, migrants hurled bottles and wooden stakes at police officers. A group of 10 police officers were forced to use batons and pepper spray to defend themselves.

A police spokesman said the Germans were chanting slogans saying Bautzen and the Kornmarkt belong to them.

As Merkel digs in her heels and pushes forward with her immigration policy, does he think it will get better or worse? We all know the answer – the Muslim migrants will become more emboldened and organized and the local population will become more and more frustrated at being trodden on. Civil wars don’t just happen out of thin air.

VIDEO: Shocking moment ‘mass street brawl breaks out between migrants and German locals’ By Rebecca Perring & Monika



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