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Muslim Deface, Destroy Churches in Spain, Media Blackout


The cross of the Church of Ribaforada that was destroyed, was 400 years old. “The priest said that the cross, dating from the sixteenth century, is irreparable…”

If it had been mosques, there would be no end to the torment by the enemedia. But it’s churches and the sharia-enforcing media stay silent.

My source in France, Jean Patrick Grumberg, describes the defacement and destruction of churches in Spain by a devout Muslim.

“After these Islamic and christianophobic attacks, the city council of the city of Ribaforada requested a minute of silence in favor of “coexistence”, and denounced what happened in the two churches as an “act of vandalism”, which is a lie, since the Muslim confessed that he acted to follow the jihad, and the police report, mentioned by states that “fire against the virgin by the Moroccan responds strictly to ideological religious reasons.”

The language of the conquered.

“The culprit confessed to his act in defense of jihad, and he showed no regret.”

A racist Moroccan Muslim was arrested after he set fire to the church of Fontellas in the province of Navarra, Spain. After being released, he did it again, and was again arrested for lotting another church, destroying crosses and religious imagery in Ribaforada, in Navarra.

The media kept silent, whereas they never miss to report that a mosque was set on fire.

The very few newspapers that mentioned it protected Islam of any misconduct by claiming that the culprit wa a pyromaniac when they had no way of knowing that – and above all, they “forgot” to report the second attack denouncing their hoax.

But from where, dear colleagues, come this obsession for not doing your job?

According to the diocese of Navarra, after setting fire to the Virgin of Fontellas, the culprit confessed to his act in defense of jihad, and he showed no regret.

The fire destroyed the image of the Virgin of the Rosary, patroness of the city, as well as two other images of the Virgin.

The priest, who felt the burning smell alerted the firefighters, and they quickly arrived on the scene and extinguished the fire. According to local media, part of the decoration of the chapel ceiling fell, and the nave



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