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235,000 Muslims Are Right Now Heading Towards Italy To Invade Rome And To Help Create An Islamic Empire


By Theodore Shoebat

235,000 Muslims are heading towards Italy. This is no doubt going to be a part of the Islamic invasion of Rome, an aspiration that has been being pursued since the time of Muhammad. Martin Kobler, who is the head of a UN peacekeeping mission working to bring stability to Libya, said:

“We have on our lists 235,000 migrants who are just waiting for a good opportunity to depart for Italy, and they will do it”

The only way to stop the inundation of these migrants into Italy, Kobler said, is to vanquish ISIS in Libya and unite the competing political factions in the region. Kobler went on to say:

“Very soon, Isil will no longer have control over territory in Libya… This is quite encouraging and could give hope to the country. At the same time, however, we need to stay vigilant, because terrorism is not finished and Isil’s militants will try to disperse to other regions.”

So far, more than 128,000 migrants have reached Italy, which is straining Italy’s capacity to accommodate them and to undergo the technicalities necessary to officiate them into the nation.

What is this? Germany is the nation that facilitated these mass migrations into Europe. What is the purpose? I believe that the objective behind this is to destabilize the region, cause chaos and terrorism, to provoke the Europeans into adopting fascistic governments. (I have written and spoken on this subject here, here and here)

But what is the root cause of all of this? The answer is simple, the decay of Christian identity. Instead of seeing Christians expanding their influence and conquering, we are witnessing supposed Christians acquiescing to the acolytes of antichrist. We’ve seen this with the Lutheran Church, for example, supporting the absorbing of Muslims into Germany, and manifesting this sentiment when they turned off the lights of their churches to protest the anti-jihad PEGIDA rallies.

We have seen this amongst the highest seats of power within the Vatican, with the Pope himself washing the feet of Muslims. The rite of foot washing was established by Jesus Christ when He “began to wash


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