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Black Man In Trump Shirt Confronted At Airport, Explains Why He Will Vote For Trump


A black man wearing a “Trump 2016” T-shirt sparked the curiosity of another black man at the airport in Pittsburgh.

The Trump supporter, who identified himself as Darnell, posted a video on YouTube of himself and another man who goes by the name “D.” Darnell said D approached him and asked him a question.

“Black people, are they gonna vote for Donald Trump?” D asked. “I thought all black people were supposed to vote for Hillary?”

Darnell looked into the camera and smiled.

“You see that? ‘Black people are supposed to vote for Hillary or Democrat.’ That is the problem,” Darnell said. “Black people are frickin’ sheep and herded to one side, without even thinking with their own brain. I’m voting Trump, ’cause it remains the same. He’s gonna ‘make America great,’ in my opinion.”

Darnell said television had turned the election into a black versus white issue, but he said color is not what’s important.

“It’s people now, we’re all broke, we all need something changed, we all need a real change to better this country,” Darnell said. “That’s why


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