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Christian refugees formed human chain to avoid being thrown into sea by Muslim refugees

  • Boat travelling from Libya to Sicily when 12 Christians thrown overboard
  • Police arrested Muslim migrants for murder ‘motivated by religious hate’ 
  • Survivors said they clung to each other to stop men trying to drown them

Christian refugees have revealed how they linked arms to form a ‘human chain’ in a desperate bid to stop Muslim migrants throwing them into the sea after an argument about religion.

A group of 15 men were arrested on suspicion of ‘multiple aggravated murder motivated by religious hate’.last week after 12 Christians from Ghana and Nigeria were allegedly thrown off a rubber dinghy into the Mediterranean Sea.

Survivors from the boat, made up of 105 migrants from diverse religions and ethnicities, have now claimed the men tried to throw other Christians off the side of the vessel after an argument about religion – but were prevented because they huddled together to create a human chain.


Yeboah, from Ghana, told police in Palmero that he boarded a dinghy in Libya heading to Sicily last Saturday and said the men threw three of his friends and six others into the water.

He said: ‘About a day and a half into the crossing, at a certain point some Muslims started to rail against us Christians just because we practiced a different religion.

‘Many said that they should throw us into the sea. After the threats we found ourselves in open sea



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