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Decapitation threat over break for smokes lands Muslim McDonald’s employee with charges


REGINA — Ahmed Yusuf was far from lovin’ it when he felt he was not getting enough break time from his job at a local McDonald’s.

But his super-sized response led to a criminal charge and could easily have resulted in his being removed from the country altogether.

The 25-year-old Regina man appeared at Regina Provincial Court on Monday morning where, through his defence lawyer Robert Skinner, he pleaded guilty to uttering a death threat to his then-boss on April 25.

Crown prosecutor Maura Landry said Yusuf, then an employee at the Prince of Wales Drive McDonald’s, became disgruntled when he “couldn’t take smoke breaks whenever he wanted.”

His response, said Landry: To come in with three friends and approach his manager, threatening to “kidnap him, chop off his head and hide his body.”

The manager’s response was more predictable and Yusuf was left with plenty of time to smoke once he was fired. He was also brought up on a criminal charge.

Skinner said the problem was bigger than simple smoke breaks, telling the court that Yusuf felt his manager was being “very overbearing to him in his employment” in the time leading up to the threat.

“(Yusuf) handled this very, very poorly,” Skinner acknowledged, telling the court his client regrets his actions.

Skinner said Yusuf, who was born in Saudi Arabia, is considered a permanent resident of Canada but does not have his citizenship. Because of that, the lawyer asked Judge Dennis Fenwick to impose a conditional discharge that will leave Yusuf without a criminal conviction for this offence as long as he successfully follows a probation order for one year — meaning


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