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Putin: It Has Begun – Russia Is At War With NATO


President Putin has authorised a ‘de facto’ war against NATO and it allies operating in Syria, according to a Kremlin report on Friday. 

According to the report, Putin told his top Defense officials: “I order[you] to act extremely tough. Any targets that threaten Russian forces or our infrastructure on the ground should be immediately destroyed.”

This means that Russia could potentially use the nuclear weapons in their arsenal against NATO-allied countries in Syria, potentially sparking a World War III scenario. reports:

Spurring these latest Federation war moves, this report explains, are Syrian battlefield reports showing that the American, French, and British aircraft that have been deployed to this war zone are jet fighters whose purpose is air-to-air combat, not ground attack—and that these jet fighters are not deployed to attack Islamic State terrorist forces on the ground, but to threaten the Russian fighter-bombers that are attacking their ground targets—and which in knowing President Putin’s psychology, it is always better to strike first then second.


Even more concerning to MoD experts, this report continues, is that the Obama regime is, also, preparing to unleash total war in the Levant by combining 20,000 American-NATO troops with 80,000 Sunni Arab troops


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