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A Muslim Describes Life for Women Under the Shariah


Here is another thought-provoking message from the individual writing from a Muslim country who wrote this piece. Once again, I have corrected the English for ease of reading.

What is Shariah? Shariah is a series of rules and regulations in Islam for Muslims that are helpful as a guide to how to live one’s life. Shariah is a combination of the Qur’an, the Hadith, fatwas (the biggest incitement to violence in the world), and books of different Muslim scholars.

It is very difficult to describe “life under the Shariah” in a single article or column. So that’s why I am describing here the life of women in Islam and under the Shariah.

Every Muslim scholar, mullah, and Muslim people say that women have equal rights with men in Islam, but the reality is different. When a baby girl is born in a Muslim family, they thought that it’s an ominous sign for a home and for a mother. According to mullahs and Muslim scholars, girls are a blessing for a home. And maybe these mullahs and scholars are right, because they are “priests of lust.” They think that women are just made for men for sexual activity, nothing more. So that’s why they don’t give permission to women to work outside the home, etc., because Muslims’ eyes are full of sexual lust when they set eyes on other women. They just keep their women inside the house so that no other man sets eye on his wife, sister, daughter, etc., but on the other hand, when they are out of the house, they look every woman with sexual eyes.

So here is a question: how does Islam protect women according to Shariah? And the answer is there is no way to give protection to women in Islam, because according to Shariah, women exist just to fulfill the sexual requirements of men, nothing more. A Muslim woman spends her life in a house, and whenever they come out, they wear a black Burqa. And in Shariah, whenever a husband wants to divorce his wife, he can do so with a word.

Here is one important thing that I can tell you: in Islamic society or in an Islamic environment it’s very easy to blame women. Whenever a husband’s heart strays from his wife, she give him a divorce and is blamed with charges



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