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Clint Eastwood on Donald Trump’s Racism: ‘Just F—ing Get Over It’ and Quit being a “P-ssy Generation”

Esquire magazine got Clint Eastwood to unleash on all of the ridiculous anti-Trump rhetoric floating around about him being a racist.  In the issue that comes out Wednesday, Eastwood set some people straight:

Clint Eastwood thinks America’s “pussy generation” needs to “just f–ing get over” Donald Trump’s “racism.”

In an interview with Esquire published Wednesday, the actor/director/producer said young America — which he has dubbed both the “kiss-ass” and “pussy” generation — needs to stop throwing the word “racist” around so freely.

“[Trump’s] onto something, because secretly everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up,” he said. “We’re really in a pussy generation. Everybody’s walking on eggshells. We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff. When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist.”

Exactly!  How can we — as a nation — have the nerve to



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