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FLASHBACK: Obama’s 1991 Literary Agent: He was ‘Born in Kenya’


As the mainstream media is hellbent on reviving the Obama birther controversy by using it as a cudgel against Donald Trump as Hillary Clinton has begun declining in the polls, we should be reminded that it wasn’t Trump who started the “birther movement,” nor was it even Hillary Clinton or her 2008 presidential campaign.

The original birther may have been Obama’s own book agent, Acton & Dystel, who wrote in a promotional pamphlet that Obama was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii,” a proclamation that was allowed to stand as truth — even by Obama himself — until it resurfaced in an investigation conducted by Breitbart News.

Even fact-checker, which is believed to be funded by America-hating leftist billionaire and funder of virtually every anti-American


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