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Homosexual Thinks Muslims Will Accept Him, Instantly Learns How They Deal With LGBT


Liberals are constantly talking about how Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance. The reality is far more disturbing. Liberals also like to whine about how intolerant people are in regards to LGBT rights, yet they completely ignore where the real intolerance and oppression towards gay people lies. The Islamization of Europe is proving just how wrong liberals are on both counts.

European liberals welcomed thousands upon thousands of Muslim refugees into their countries, and the results have been near catastrophic. Sharia law has been creeping across Europe, and for people who are hated by Islam, that’s truly worrying. A sad example is a despicable attack on a gay man in Brighton, England.

On Sunday, Aaron Woods was walking down the street with his friend, Brian Markintosh. According to Markintosh, they were approached by a man who started screaming homophobic slurs at Woods. But it only got worse — the man then started physically attacking Woods, punching him in the face. Markintosh said the attacker “was shouting all this Muslim stuff … Aaron was in so


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