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Trump: “People who warn about radical Islamic terrorism are not Islamophobes”

Trump is challenging the sacred dogmas of the political and media elites in a way no candidate has in decades. That is why he so frightens and enrages them.


“Trump says Clinton’s bodyguards should ‘disarm immediately’ and ‘see what happens to her,’” by Sean Sullivan and Jenna Johnson, Washington Post, September 17, 2016:

…At the rally, Trump took on other criticisms he has faced for using anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant rhetoric. He said that when Democrats “are in trouble they always pull out the ‘racist’ word.” He said that “people who warn about radical Islamic terrorism are not Islamophobes.”

Trump faced protesters inside and outside his rally. He also introduced a new element to his introduction, taking the stage to music from “Les Miserables” against a backdrop reading: “Les Deplorables.” The sign


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