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Muslim Immigrants are a ‘vicious cancer from within’: Trump goes on offensive as Afghan-born is named in New York bomb hunt

  • GOP presidential candidate warns immigrants are ‘plotting’ attacks here and ‘stay together’ 
  • Says attacks will happen ‘perhaps more and more all over the country’
  • Warns ‘thousands of people are pouring into our country’ 
  • Says local police are ‘afraid to do anything about it’
  • References New York bomb: ‘I knew this was going to happen’  
  • Trump spoke after a bomb exploded in Chelsea and another unexploded device was discovered in Manhattan, while authorities raided a site in New Jersey
  • Says campaign against ISIS is too ‘gentle’ and there is a need to ‘hit them much harder over there’ 
  • Says rival Hillary Clinton ‘wants hundreds of thousands of people to pour into this country and we have no idea who they are’
  • Claims authorities won’t approach someone with a ‘massive bomb on his back’ because of concerns about profiling

Republican Donald Trump is warning of a spike in terror attacks after a bomb placed under a dumpster in Chelsea exploded over the weekend, and is placing blame for the attack squarely on immigrants he called a ‘vicious’ threat.

‘They’re here. We’re letting tens of thousands of people flow into this country,’ Trump said Monday morning.

‘They’re bringing in many cases vicious cancer from within. This is something that’s going to be so tough. And you know they stay together so nobody really knows who it is, what’s happening. They’re plotting. This has been going on for so long everybody knows it,’ Trump said.

Trump spoke just as the media announced authorities were looking for 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Afghanistan in connection with the bombing.

Asked about the bombing, which governor Andrew Cuomo has said isn’t linked to international terrorism although he said Monday may have a ‘foreign connection,’ the candidate placed the blame squarely on dangerous immigrants, as well as his rivals.

‘Well it’s a mess and it’s a shame. We’re going to have to be very tough. I think maybe we’re going to be seeing a big change over the last couple of days,’ Trump told ‘Fox and Friends’ in


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