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Muslim Migrant Youths’ Reign of Terror in Shocking Footage, Europe’s Growing Civil War

The reports of Muslim migrants at war with citizens of Europe is growing. The EU and European governments have abandoned their sacred duty to protect and defend their people. Instead, they have aligned with the jihad force.

Sickened by the uncontrolled mob of unruly Muslim migrants terrorizing the town of Zaandam, locals have started to fight back.

This will only get worse and worse until Western politicians admit that they have got it all wrong and act decisively to stop the destruction of our civilization.


The enemedia will accuse any human being of being a far-right racist for defending themselves.  A professor who teaches on Islam at the Sciences Po in Paris warned of a growing radicalized Muslim youth in Europe, bent on unleashing a torrent of crimes across the nation in the coming years – a “Jihad Generation,” finding its voice, so to speak.


“Migrant youths’ reign of terror OVER as vigilantes attack thugs in shocking footage,” The Express, September 19, 2016:

In violent footage citizens-turned-vigilantes can be seen attacking the group of mostly Turkish [Muslim] youths who are said to have been wreaking havoc in the city of Zaandam in the Netherlands.

The brutal clash was



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