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7 Year-Old Girl Slaughtered by her Muslim Father After Mother Left Islam


The issue of Islam is one where liberals have reached peak insanity. They’re all for liberal values…. except for when those very same liberal values are infringed by Muslims. When’s the last time you heard a liberal express concern for the rights of women, gays, and other misc. minority groups they claim to champion in the Muslim world? Never.

The prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau even went as far as to take issue with how we discuss “honor killings,” which are all too common in the Muslim world. Such killings occur when a family member kills another family member for having brought “shame of dishonor” upon the family, for doing things such as refusing an arranged marriage, being in a relationship disapproved of by the family, having sex outside of marriage, being a victim of rape, dressing in ways deemed “inappropriate,” or renouncing Islam. When he was the liberal MP of Canada back in 2011, Trudeau said the government should not call honour killings “barbaric” in a study guide for would-be Canadian citizens.

That’s what we’re up against….

Such honor killings number over 20,000 a year, and yes, they are barbaric. As Pamela Geller reported regarding one of the most


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