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Clinton Accuses Trump of “giving aid and comfort” to ISIS, Donald Trump’s RESPONSE is PRICELESS!


Hillary Clinton has no soul.  We all know that, but some people don’t. She has taken her attacks on Donald Trump to a new low. She accused Trump of “giving aid and comfort” to ISIS.

Hillary’s twisted reality:

In her twisted reality, she believes that we should embrace Islam. She believes this religion with a 1300 year history of murder, rape, slavery and terrorism is like every other religion. Or does she? Islam is the only religion with tenants of faith that advocate violence. No other religion commands its followers to kill infidels, keep sex slaves or enslave non-believers. BUT, Hillary Clinton wants us to embrace Islam and only target “the bad guys,” as if that were possible.

Donald Trump is no one’s fool!

Trump refuses to be baited and taken off message by her ridiculous comments. We all know Hillary Clinton wants to squash religious freedom. Obama and Clinton are using Islam to do it. What they fail to realize is, people are not stupid. We all know that Obama and Clinton want to get rid of the 1st and 2nd Amendments. They want to get rid of the restrictions on government.

Obama and Clinton breed Terrorism and blame everyone else!

There have been more terrorist attacks at home with more failures overseas under Obama and Clinton than any other


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