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Muslim Man In Sweden With Criminal Record Beats Up His Pregnant Wife And Then Urinates On Her Wounded Body, He Gets Four Months In Jail And Won’t Be Deported


There is no love in Islam, only hate and dominance over others if they do not obey. That is what caused this 31-year old Muslim man with a lengthy criminal history to, after getting mad at his wife because she was spending too much time babysitting his niece while he was at a party came home, beat her up, and then urinate on her wounded body:

During the investigation it emerged that Abdullah provoked by his partner set up as a babysitter for their three year old niece. The evening August 8, he wants the girl immediately picked up by his mother, something that is not possible. When he comes home from a party night this Tuesday he goes therefore to the furious attack.

31-year-old wife is forcing down on the floor, beat her with his fists, kicks her in the face and gets a can of beer as he pours over her. Then he snaps up his pants and stands on two occasions and urinate on the woman he is expecting her second child with.

“She lay down on both occasions and met the urine from the stomach upwards. She was all wet the hair of eg urine,” writes in its judgment.

At one o’clock at night given the three-year girl back to her mother.

A rapping on Abdullah shows that he is having a number of times in the police criminal records. Five years ago, he was an outbreak in Stockholm’s premises in Hässelby Farm and beat in connection with the break of a computer screen by throwing it to the floor.

As late as last year sentenced 31-year-old for assault and molestation. The Somali family finally got a rented apartment in housing company Balder, where they lived together until August this year. The family lives, as well as many other immigrants from Somalia, on welfare.

During a court hearing this week, Abdullah got the help of a Somali interpreter. Although the 31-year-old repeatedly convicted of violent crimes, live on benefits, not a Swedish citizen or learned Swedish language urged the prosecutor not to get him sent off.

Abdullah was sentenced to four months in prison but will then stay in Sweden after serving his sentence. (source)

We all know what would happen if this was an actual Swedish man- he would be locked up and the key would be thrown away. But because this is


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