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Muslim Preacher Won’t Take Oath on Constitution, So Judge Gives Him Special Surprise


A Muslim preacher and asylum seeker from Morocco was forcibly sent home last week after he doggedly refused to swear on the Italian constitution.

According to AboutCroatia.Net via the Deutsche Presse-Agentur, the stubborn man, who reportedly had been serving as a “stand-in imam” at a nearby mosque, argued that constitutional principles such as gender parity violated his Islamic beliefs.

Specifically, the 33-year-old Muslim preacher denounced the rights delineated by the constitution of Italy as “a collection of sins upon sins.”

In response to this rhetoric, Interior Minister Angelino Alfano reportedly rejected the preacher’s plea for asylum and tossed him on a plane headed to Casablanca.

Bon voyage.

The arrogance of the man was beyond the pale. He desired to be accepted into a new society, yet he refused to adopt that society’s rules and regulations. How was he expecting that to go over?

And according to Alfano, his was not by any means a singular case. In fact, so many similarly minded Muslim preachers have been trying to obtain asylum that the interior minister has had to begin an anti-radicalization campaign to try to convert them.

“We are working to create a new model of imam, which we could call ‘Italian imam,’” he reportedly said in July.

There was no immediate report on the success


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