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North Korea secrets REVEALED: Kim Jong-Un accidentally lets world access its internet…

ONLINE leak following major outage shows that North Korean Internet only has 28 websites online – including its own version of Facebook.


North Korea has suffered another embarrassing setback on the world scene after a major leak gave the world a look into its online capabilities.

Only 28 websites are registered in the country, according to researchers who jumped on a rare lapse in the country’s online infrastructure.

The collection offers a rare look into life in North Korea, with propaganda sites and news and tourist information libraries also featuring prominently.

The leak occurred after the main DNS server which dealing with the secretive state’s Internet online suffered a configuration error earlier this week.

This meant that outsiders were able to access everything inside, with researcher Matthew Bryant able to spot that only 28 websites were registered to the country’s .kp domain.

The full list of registered sites, which was uploaded to Reddit, includes Air Koryo, a flight booking site, Korean Dishes (a website offering a collection of local specialities) and Friend, which appears to be some kind of social network.

According to Bryant’s findings, which he uploaded to online library Github, many of the sites were available in


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