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NY Bomber’s Jihad Journal: “I Beg for Martyrdom,” “Inshallah, the Bombs Will Be Heard in Your Streets,” “Attack the Kuffar in Their Backyard”


“Do not take jihad away….” NY Bomber Ahmad Rahami

While law enforcement and investigators scratch their heads and their ….. in search of a motive, reality is blowing up in their faces.

My G-d, what has happened to the West? The response by elites to this vicious war is complete and utter surrender. Every attack is the same. First the jihad — violent, bloody and homicidal. And then the second attack, the sharia — silence and prohibition of discussion of the motive, jihad and Islam (under the guise of islamophobia — “Muslims are the victims”).

Ahmad Rahami Jihad Journal

Of course, we have to get this news from foreign media. The American enemedia will not report on Islam or the jihadic ideology that is fueling this war.

Ahmad Khan Rahami’s YouTube Account Listed Jihad Videos, Complaint Says: These battle hymns glorify the violent struggle in religious terms and are meant to instill piety and inspire jihadis.

New York bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami said he received instructions from ‘terrorist leaders… to attack nonbelievers’ By Barney Henderson, The Telegraph, September 21, 2016:

he New York bombing suspect said that he had received instructions from “terrorist leaders… to attack nonbelievers where they live,” as he was charged on Tuesday night with the use of weapons of mass destruction.

Ahmad Khan Rahami’s journal revealed that he accused the US of slaughtering Islamist fighters in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and the Palestinian territories.

The document ends: “The sounds of



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