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Video Of Hillary That’s Fast Gaining Traction On Web Might Blow Her Chances In Election


There’s little doubt that this campaign season has been anything but civil, the issues of immigration, national security, terrorism and the economy have all taken a toll on America’s psyche, and whether we like it or not, we’ve all collectively witnessed our institutions slowly fall into disrepair by corruption, greed and malfeasance, by those individuals who have sworn under oath to defend and preserve those same institutions.

And while the political elites attempt to bring down Trump, they forget or attempt to distract the public, that they are the political class, and are directly responsible for America’s decline, and aside from the phony who currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, there’s another phony, in one Hillary Clinton, who has been a career politician for decades, and who now claims to be an outsider, regardless of the fact that she and Bill Clinton have amassed a huge fortune.

Perhaps this 3-minute video clip best illustrates how these two career politicians have used the system to enrich themselves by creating perhaps the largest criminal enterprise within American politics, known as the “Clinton Foundation” which promotes itself as a worldwide outreach charitable organization, while at the same time a financial slush fund


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