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I usually don’t like to look at Hillary Clinton, but for some reason I can’t stop watching this video. Hillary is positively psychotic in this thing. In answer to my title question, I think it’s all three: she obviously mixed some chardonnay with crystal meth and we all know those things don’t go well with brain damage.

No one from Hillary’s campaign made any effort to stop her from making this video, which is an appeal to union voters. It’s not so much that she says crazy things, as it is her just coming off crazy. This reminds of a lunatic on public access TV ranting about chem-trails or perhaps a Marxist dictator trying to rally the proletariat.

Oh, and she did say some crazy shit too. She starts out by slamming “the so-called right to work.” How is a right to work so-called? People have a right to earn a living without having to join a union and pay union dues for no particular reason. Hillary doesn’t explain herself, but does say that a right to work is “wrong for workers and wrong for America.”

But she was just warming up the cuckoo machine:

“Having said all of this, why aren’t I 50 points ahead, you might ask,” she yells.

Sorry, there is no one asking why Hillary isn’t beating Donald Trump by 50 points. I think it speaks volumes to her delusion that she herself is wondering this. No seriously, she can’t understand why she doesn’t have 100% of the support in this election? That’s not a thought a sane person would have.

I could tell Hillary that people don’t like her, don’t trust her, and are sick of bullshit establishment candidates, but the easiest way to explain to her why she is dropping like an anchor in the polls would be to get her to watch this video. This lunatic rant is all she needs to see to understand why she isn’t enjoying a comfortable lead in the race.

At this point Hillary attacks Trump by misrepresenting the way he built his fortune. She doesn’t mention the corrupt way she amassed her wealth however. She


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