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ASYL-SPRAY: ‘It’s disgusting’ Outrage as nationalists hand out putrid ‘refugee spray to ward off Muslim asylum seeking migrants’

THE Danish Nationalist Party has sparked outrage after it took to the streets to hand out “refugee spray”, claiming it is both “legal and effective”.

The move from the party, which was founded by a former Neo-Nazi, was blasted by onlookers who were offered a can for their own “protection”.

In one harrowing clip, Charlotte Bech was overcome by emotion when she saw what the nationalists, who want all non-Western immigrants kicked out of Denmark, had done.

Taking to tears, the clearly appealed woman said: “They’ve been through so much and then they’re told that they are so undesirable that we had to make a spray to use on them.


“One thing is the opinion that we don’t have the capacity [for refugees] or an opinion that some of them might not fit in to our culture.

“But to make a joke out of it is not okay.”

While another local resident of Haderslev, in Southern Denmark, said she could not even find the words to describe how


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