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Donald Trump Statement On Vaccines: ‘Massive Vaccine Doses Cause Autism’


Donald Trump changed the game when it comes to the anti-vaccination platform and mainstream media. Trump has put it on the main stage. He blasted off on Twitter, and of course famously sounded off during the first Republican debate. His Tweets, which he never removed, remain a sign of his courage to speak out against Big Pharma. It is important to rememeber that Trump is the only major candidate to accept ZERO funding from any of the Pharmaceutical companies.

His Twitter assault on vaccinations, along with his spirited discussion over the matter during the debate, has changed the way this issue is perceived in our country. Before this, anti-vaccination was easily buried under the backyard grass when guest came over for dinner and drinks. But no more, now it is in everyone’s face and now more and more people are coming out of the closet as anti-vaccination. And when it is said, it is pushed more to the forefront. This isn’t to take away from the good fight so many people fight daily, not at all. This is just to say that its a good thing we have such a high profile figure, one


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