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Is Putin starting a nuclear war? Russian leader accused of using deadly weapons in Syria

Horrifying video footage shows an intense flash near a city following by a flaming mushroom cloud which bears a shocking resemblance to a nuclear bomb blast.

The weapons of mass destruction are alleged to have been used by the Russians in a bid to put an end to resistance from Syrian rebels, according to the Daily Star.

It is believed if victims survive the initial rocket attack they face being burned alive as the air surrounding them ignites into flames as hot as a nuclear explosion.

A blast wave travelling 10,000 feet per second then flattens any survivors within a 100-yard radius.


The weapons believed to be thermobaric tipped missiles have been fired from Russian rocket launchers, which have been spotted in Syria, according to The Sunday Times.

Defence experts National Interest say an explosive inside the missile sprays a chemical cloud into the atmosphere, which can seep into buildings before causing a second explosion.

Huge explosions matching that of a thermobaric detonation have been filmed and reported in areas held by Syrian rebels throughout the summer.

The UN special Envoy on Syria, Staffan de Mistura said Russia’s bombings have unleashed “unprecedented military violence”, killing hundreds of civilians many of them women and children.

He continued to say there had been reports of the bombs creating “fireballs of such intensity that light up the pitch darkness in Aleppo as if it were daylight”.

His intervention prompted fresh recriminations between Russia and the United States with US ambassador Samantha Power accusing Moscow of “barbarism”.

She urged security


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