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New York Muslima ‘activist’ calls for boycott of Christian Copts: “The crescent must be on top of the cross”


Obama is bringing in quarter of a million of these … activists:

“New York-based Egyptian Muslim activist calls for boycott of Copts: “The crescent must be on top of the cross,” By Robert Spencer, September 25, 2016:
Ayat Oraby lives in New York. What does Bill de Blasio think will be the result of the importation of large numbers of Muslims who think the way she does? Does he think that most Muslims disagree with the idea that “the crescent must be on top of the cross”? He is in for a rude awakening, as are many others among the political elites — if, that is, he really believes what he says publicly.

“N.Y.-Based Egyptian-American Activist Ayat Oraby Calls for Economic Boycott of Copts: The Crescent Must Always Be on Top of the Cross,” MEMRI, September 21, 2016: In a video posted on her Facebook page on September 21, New York-based Egyptian-American activist Ayat


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